About the Union of Municipalities

The Union of Municipalities of the Gharb Aala and Chahhar was founded in 2011 and it included nine municipalities, which are Kayfoun, Baysour, Mejdlaya, Dfoun, Remhala, Bsatine, Bennay, Kfarmatta and Ainab. The Union was established with clear and specific objectives, which are: development in all its aspects away from politics and sectarianism and away from all kinds of discrimination among the components of this region.

The Union has expanded today to include 14 municipalities. Despite its novelty, the Union has played a significant role in the development and preparation of several projects, some of which were implemented while others are under implementation.

The convergence between the people of the region and positive interaction between them has had a prominent impact in promoting real co-existence based on respect for others and equality among the people of this region, without any regard to the sect or party, and without any consideration of the geographical size of the towns and villages.

The president of the Union is Mr. Michel Saad (the mayor of Remhala) and the vice president is Dr. Ghazi Chaar (the mayor of Ainab)

Map Of the Union of Municipalities