Bmakine town is one of the towns of Mount Lebanon – Aley District. It is 3 km away from Aley city and 20 km away from the capital Beirut, rising above the sea level by approximately 700 m with an area of ​​approximately 111,200 square meters.

The first municipality was formed in 1966.

Bmakine is located between Aley and Souk El Gharb and it can be reached through several roads, including Bsous, Aitat, Shemlan, and Choueifat.

The water sources in the town are local springs in Ain El Saidi, Ain El Saidi El Tahtanieh, Ain El Dayr, Ain Jran, Ain El Dayer, Ain EL Jdideh, Nabeh Abu Shehah, and Ain Bmakinein addition to Barouk spring water but it is very scarce in the summer. Bmakine suffers from a shortage of water in spite of the existence of these springs.

Bmakine  is characterized by the diversity of its people and its inhabitants with a population of more than two thousand (2000) people, in addition to expatriates and residents of the town during the summer season.

Most of the town houses are single houses, in addition to some buildings with a total of 300 housing units. Bmakine is characterized by the existence of El Chir Monastery of the Aleppo Basilian Congregation for Roman Catholics which was built in 1750 built with National Renaissance High School, which is affiliated to it.

There is no actual economic activity in the town with the exception of some small shops and individual institutions and Innab Restaurant which is considered one of the most prominent Restaurants in the area where most of the residents of Beirut and the mountain visit.

The municipality does not have any indivsum or any land where most of the town’s land is owned by the Aleppo Basilian Congregation- El Chir Monastery.