The municipality was established in 1966. The naming of Dfoun is derived from the Phoenician and means “cemetery of Phoenician Nobles”. Dfoun town is characterized by maintaining the ancient heritage and the typical village characteristics through its buildings, cleanliness and order. The people of the town of Dfoun are known for their hard work. They have bought all the lands of the village and rebuilt it and they have also worked in the field of food in houses, palaces and hotels and they were very professional.

Dfoun is just 27 kilometers from Beirut, capital of Lebanon, rising 600- 700 meters above sea level. The permanent residents of the town are about 150 people in winter and the number of residents of the town increases in the summer to 400 people. The number registered voters is 1200 people. About 40% of the population are expatriates to several countries notably France, Spain, Colombia, United States, Canada, and Belgium. The semi-rural character dominates the town which is characterized by its old houses (Akd)

The Church is one of the public buildings in the town.

Dfoun is known for the cultivation of olives, grapes, figs and pine. The commercial sector is very limited and confined to the town shop. The touristic activities in the town are Saidi Holiday Festival, Assalib Festival and Music Festival. The town has an elite group of lawyers, engineers and doctors.

The green cover constitutes a large proportion of the territory of the town. The percentage of built space is low and does not exceed 15% of the total area of the town, noting that the town has begun to witness a remarkable urban expansion in recent years following the main road network.