It is said that the origin of the name Bayssour is Syriac Aramaic, «Beit Yasser», which means a « potter’s place» or «pottery maker’s place» and it may mean the «wall», especially as it was known for being surrounded by pomegranate trees. Bayssour is characterized by its geographical location, its picturesque nature, and moderate climate. The people of this town are characterized by distinctive customs and traditions and the presence of prominent Sheikhs, intellectuals and famous people in Lebanon and abroad, like His Excellency Minister Ghazi Aridi and Mr. Faris Halim Malaeb who has been mentioned in Guinness World Records. Its families are: Malaeb, Aridi, Al Kadi, Al Halabi and Tarabay.

Its municipality was formed in 1952.

The town is located between 850 and 950 meters above sea level and its total area is estimated by about 7 square kilometers. Bayssour lies on mountainous slopes covered with pine trees.

Its population residing permanently in the town is estimated by 12,000 people. It is bordered to the east by Mejdlaya and to the west by Ainab, while from the north it is bordered by Kayfoun and Souk El Gharb and from the south by the town of Remhala- Kabreshmoun.

The majority of the town’s permanent residents work in jobs in the public and private sectors and liberal professions in addition to the industrial and agricultural sectors, especially in olive and pine cultivation in addition to vegetables and fruit trees.  It has one agricultural cooperative and about 20% of the population work in agriculture and others are interested is private small plantations, while livestock is limited.

For the tourism sector, Bayssour town is characterized by environmental tourist attractions, notably Radar Hill and Bayssour River in addition to monuments, inscriptions and old houses including Roman ruins, an old mill and others, in addition to many restaurants and resorts on the banks of Bayssour River. One of the most prominent touristic activities is Bayssour Tourism Festivals held by the Cultural Social and Sports Association, in addition to the food supplies and crafts.

There is in the town one public middle school and Bayssour Official Secondary School in addition to a private school which is “Najah School” for elementary and intermediate levels; and recently Bayssour Technical School, which is an official technical school providing a variety of specialties has been opened; in addition to many private institutes that give private lessons.

In terms of health care, residents depend on Bayssour Clinic of the Social Services Center or Clinic of Martyr Saleh Aridi that provide the primary health care services. Their competences are public health, dentistry, pediatrics, and gynecology.

There is one center for social services in addition to a number of NGOs which are: Bayssour Charitable Ladies Society, Progressive Women’s Union, Sports and Cultural Association, and the Lebanese Association for Development.