El Basatine

It is a town that has maintained the ratio of the greenery of more than 80% in addition to being a sophisticated and civilized town that has added upscale development touches through numerous projects and achievements at all levels, which have contributed to the development and prosperity of the town especially since it is a historic town with number of historic monuments like the cemeteries, fonts, and caves as well as important Tanoukhi and Romanian monuments.

The people of Bsatine town are known by their authenticity, chivalry, love and generosity.

The people of Bsatine were famous for their work in international trading where they have exported their goods to most countries of the world and opened branches there with representatives and agents. Bsatine traders were known for distributing sanitary ware, porcelain, and foodstuff to all countries of the world.

The municipality was formed in September 2010.

The population of the town is estimated by 2240 people who form 80% of the total registered inhabitants of the town, while the rest are from other areas of Lebanon. 60% of the population have migrated to several countries notably Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, China and the Gulf. The number registered in the voters is 800. The number of residents of the town increases in summer because of the beauty of nature and nice climate and the return of expatriates from the Diaspora and Beirut. The number of housing units is estimated by 500 units spread over buildings dominated by the semi-rural character.

The green cover constitutes a large proportion of the territory of the town since the percentage of built areas is low and does not exceed 25% of the total area of ​​the town.

Residents of the town depend on the cultivation of olives and pine nuts in addition to other crops like grapes, figs and organic fruit.

Industrially, there are more than one factory in the town, one for refining water, and another one for manufacturing tomato paste in addition to one of the largest factories in the Middle East for manufacturing mayonnaise which exports its production to all countries of the world and is known for its high quality products.

There are some public buildings in the town like the municipal building, two pharmacies, and one clinic, as well as some shops.

There is also the town’s middle school and Irfan Private School.

In terms of health care, residents depend on the Lebanese Red Cross in Bsatine and Al Shahhar Al Gharbi Government Hospital (Kabreshmoun), which provide primary health care services.

Some active civil societies in the town are: Bsatine Women Association and Assalam Sports Club.