It means the “Inhabitants of the Palace” referring to a Roman Emperor who had glory “Majd” and he had a daughter named “Lea”, which lead to the name Mejdlaya. Its families are Shalabi, Al Fares, Al Kadi, Haider, Ziade, Sobh, Tannous, Matar, and Haikal. The people of Mejdlaya have values ​​and habits inherited from their ancestors and are characterized by love, solidarity, and cooperation in all matters of life. Mejdlaya characterized as an agricultural town that was heavily dependent on agricultural activity. The municipal council in Mejdlaya was established in 1963. Mejdlaya is just 30 km from Beirut, capital of Lebanon rising 500 meters above sea level and covering an area of ​​170 hectares. The number of the town’s residents is around 3,500 people, where the number of permanent residents of is about 3,000 people and the number of registered voters is 2300 voters. There is also a percentage of expatriates which is about 20%, most of them are in the Gulf States and other countries such as Brazil, Australia, Canada, America and others.

The number of housing units is 500 units spread over 250 building. The rural character dominates the shapes of buildings.

The non-residential buildings are the Municipal Building, the dispensary, the official middle school and public hall of the town as well as houses of worship.

The green cover constitutes a large proportion of the territory of the town, where the percentage of built space is low and does not exceed 20% of the total area of ​​the town. Economic activities in the town are varied. For the agricultural sector, the types of crops cultivated vary but the most important ones are olives, citrus, almonds, pine nuts, and vegetables. There are two olive presses in the town. There are also a number of workers in the liberal professions like engineers, doctors and lawyers. There aren’t any well known landmarks on the tourism map but there is beautiful scenery like the rock cliff, pine indivsum, the river, and old mills; and the most prominent tourist activity is the annual festival, in which the people of the town participate

There is an intermediate official school in the town, in addition to a private school for primary education.

From a health standpoint, there is one governmental clinic which provides primary health care services in general medicine, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, nutrition, and laboratory, and it provides chronic diseases medication for more than a hundred patients.

 There are a number of active charities including Al Risala Humanitarian Charity to support university students, Sports Harmony Club- Mejdlaya, Association Support Mejdlaya School, Mejdlaya Youth Caucus and Charity Supporting Mejdlaya Governmental Dispensary. There is also a public library under construction, a club, and a theater.