Sarhmul is a town in Mount Lebanon Province – Aley District. In the Byzantine era and before, it was called Slahmoud Fort and the proof of this is the presence of ruins from that era such as the stone sarcophagus and some tombs carved in the rocks and fonts.

In the Abbasid era, Caliph Al-Mansur (754 AD -775 AD) commissioned Al Tanoukhi princes Munther bin Malik and his brothers Tanoukh and Al Numan and their families (from Maarat Al Neman- Idlib) to protect the roads from Palestine to Aleppo from gangs and robberies. Prince Munther resided in Slahmoud Fort and his two brothers resided in Abey and Sin el Fil in 759 AD. The Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid  has visited the town twice during his reign between 786 AD and 809 AD.

During the era of Crusader occupation, it was named Fort Sarhmor ….

Today, in our modern history, it became known as the Sarhmul.

The first municipality in Sarhmul was formed on 13/03/2013.

It is bordered to the east by Ainab, to the south-west by Aramoun, to the south-east by Bsatine, and to the north by Bchamoun. Its area is about two million and sixty-five thousand square meters.

Its families: Noureddine, Ismail, and Abu Shokr.

With a population of about one thousand and five hundred people, most of the population works in the public and private sectors and liberal professions. The town is also characterized by the cultivation of olives, seasonal fruits and vegetables. 15% of the population works in agriculture.

As on the health and education levels, there is no clinic or official school in the town.