The naming of Kayfoun means the stone rock or diminutive of rock or rock idol carved in stone.

It is known by the hospitality of its people, their decent welcoming of guests and kindness. Its families are: Al Hakim, Jawhar, Saad, Dagher, El Haje,  Darwish, El Kadi, Ruslan, Serhal, Jaber, Awada, Khalifa, and El Zein.

The municipality was formed in 1954.

Kayfoun is characterized by its location since its western side overlooks the capital Beirut. The town is rich with ancient history since it contains “AL Hosn” ancient castle which has been occupied by successive civilizations like Tanoukhis and Romans. The castle and the surrounding land were put under the supervision of the Directorate of Antiquities in 2004, especially that the town is classified as one of the important summer destinations. The towns neighboring it are: Bayssour, Ainab, Atyat, Shamlan and Souk El Gharb.

The green cover constitutes a large proportion of the territory of the town, where the ratio of built-up area does not exceed 40% of the total area of the town, noting that the town has experienced noticeable urban expansion during the last nine years.

The agricultural activity depends mainly on the cultivation of olives.

 It is 21 kilometers from the capital, Beirut, rising 800 meters above the sea level with a total area of 335 hectares (3.35 km²). The population residing permanently in the town is around 1400 people and it increases in the summer to reach 3500 people as it is a nice summer destination. The number of voters is 940 voters. The number of housing units is estimated by 1,450 units spread over 450 residential buildings that are dominated by semi-rural character. There are some public buildings as the official school which is built on a land owned by Kayfoun Charity, a husseiniya, a mosque, the municipal building, a dispensary, and Kayfoun Charity building.

There is in the town one official intermediate school.

In terms of health care, residents depend on the town’s dispensary which is affiliated to the health authority center in which all specialties are available. In emergency cases, residents resort to Al Shahhar Al Gharbi Governmental Hospital – Kabreshmoun.

One of the most active associations in the town is Kayfoun Charity, which was founded in 1931 and is one of the oldest associations in the region, and it manages numerous important cultural and social activities.