C-Notice prepares to go out of whenever quickly, one supports the new diner with a tool

On the event “Chicago” C-Note and you may Dede are located in a good Benson, Minnesota diner when Dede ill on account of the girl not enough medication. After C-Note closes the guy from supporting the fresh new diner, a lady customer the newest robber are browsing kill allows your exit even after knowing their need updates. Despite this, Agent Mahone get a report that C-Notice is saw during the diner, and that his daughter was ill. Mahone will come in the Minnesota, but C-Mention seems to avoid your by boarding a train. Shortly after C-Mention needed to turn to boring setting at the a no cost infirmary to greatly help their girl, he calls Mahone and offers to make themselves into the in the event the his wife would be create. Mahone believes, and in come back, C-Notice need render your information on Michael – the website , and that C-Note heard Michael advising Sucre regarding the inside the Utah. When C-Notice could not come across Michael’s place, Mahone pushes C-Notice to hold himself, significantly less than sales out of Broker Kim, in exchange for his spouse and daughter’s well being. The fresh event closes exactly as C-Mention jumps off his phone bed into the noose up to their shoulder, however, he could be conserved by a guard next event. From the jail clinic, he mobile phones the fresh FBI and you can means to dicuss so you can Mahone, but Representative Wheeler (Jason Davis), just who happens to be examining Mahone, answers the decision rather. Wheeler claims he is able to keep C-Note safe if the he says to him just what Mahone questioned him to create.

Seven days later, Wheeler has C-Note released off jail and you can listed in the latest Experience Shelter Program in return for testifying against Mahone. C-Notice is the last member of brand new Fox River Seven to getting apprehended of the authorities.

12 months cuatro

Shortly after he music off Sucre, C-Note explains that he is on the move once again due to Internal Points declining to hang right up its avoid of bargain due to Mahone becoming incarcerated inside Panama. C-Notice also explains he could have been contacted from the a mystical boy (Paul Kellerman) and you will questioned to acquire Michael and you will Lincoln to assist them destroy The company. C-Note and you can Sucre help save the brand new brothers from specific demise on the penthouse of one’s Standard and later discover full exoneration because of their services. Throughout the series epilogue, C-Notice are revealed to possess feel good UPS deliveryman, complimentary his expertise inside prison: to find their fellow prisoners people arbitrary procedure.

Year 5

After watching the brand new letter which have Michael’s photo in it off T-Bag and you can studying a good decoded content that displays Ogygia, a prison when you look at the Yemen, Lincoln relationships C-Mention that is shown to own changed into Islam. Lincoln and you can C-Note find every lines away from Michael, together with photo, have been removed from existence. C-Mention works the https://www.hookuphotties.net/local-hookup possibility that Michael could have obtained doing work in which disorder himself as he is simply too smart to take requests away from another person. C-Note and you can Lincoln go to Yemen to acquire Michael but they are led towards the an ambush once they make the completely wrong taxi, contributed from the individuals who ran Lincoln’s vehicles off the link and made an effort to destroy Sara inside her family. C-Notice and you may Lincoln can fight back their burglars and eliminate having certainly one of C-Note’s connectivity called Sheba. Omar establishes C-Notice and Lincoln up with a visit to Ogygia to see Michael, going by title regarding Kaniel Outis, angering Sheba just like the Outis is the title from a terrorist doing work having ISIL. Upon ending up in Michael, C-Note records your for the a video camera once the facts you to definitely Michael is real time.

After the refrain, C-Notice, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, and Abruzzi fulfilled larger difficulties as his or her avoid airplanes became popular and you may kept her or him stuck with several cops on the trail.

C-Mention with his girl return from inside the “Someone in particular”. C-Note is shame-ridden more than his wife’s arrest, and you may attempts to find out if Kacee would be acceptance bail. The guy agreements on her behalf so you’re able to ignore bail and you may rejoin your, and also for the family relations to go in order to Alaska. However, Kacee’s bail try rejected.